Projectsort icon City Service Provider Mobile Operator
Japan: No. 2 Telco Holds NFC Trial with PayPass Application Chiba Orico (MasterCard PayPass) KDDI
Japan: No. 2 Telco in Japan to Sell First Standard NFC Phones Tokyo, Chiba
Credit Saison (MasterCard PayPass)
Orico (MasterCard PayPass-expected)
Seven Card Service (e-money)
Japan Airlines (boarding passes)
Bic Camera (loyalty)
Ueno Zoo (information on demand, tag-reading)
Japan: Softbank Mobile Plans Trial with Flex-SIM Device in Android Phone Chiba
Orico (MasterCard PayPass)
Credit Saison (MasterCard PayPass)
Softbank Mobile
Japan: Softbank With MasterCard Hold Rare NFC Project In Japan Tokyo Orico (MasterCard PayPass) Softbank Mobile
Japan: Telco to Offer Passive Stickers in Land of the Wallet Phone Japan Aeon (Waon), bitWallet (Edy), Seven Card Services (nanaco) Softbank Mobile
Kuwait: Trial Lets Users Download Prepaid Payment Application From Smart Poster Kuwait City National Bank of Kuwait (Visa payWave) Zain
Malaysia: Payment and Transit Featured In Small “Rollout” of NFC Kuala Lumpur
Maybank (Visa payWave)
Touch 'n Go (Touch ‘n Go--transit, tolls and parking)
Maxis Communications
Malaysia: Telco Plans to Launch iPhone-Based Fare Payment Malaysia Touch ‘n Go (Touch 'n Go) Maxis
Malaysia: Visa and Maxis Hold First payWave Trial Kuala Lumpur Maybank (Visa payWave) Maxis Communications
More French Banks Prepare for Commercial Launches of NFC Payments France
BNP Paribas (Visa payWave)
Crédit Mutuel-CIC (PayPass)
Banque Postale (payWave, likely)
Société Générale (payWave, likely)
Orange (Orange Cash-payWave)
Carrefour Banque (PayPass, likely)
CTS, Strasbourg, (U'GO transit)
Viacités, Caen (Twisto transit)
Bouygues Telecom (later)
BNP Mobile (MVNO, BNP Paribas)
La Poste Mobile (MVNO, La Poste)
NRJ Mobile (MVNO, Crédit Mutuel-CIC)
Crédit Mutuel Mobile, CIC Mobile (MVNO)
Sosh (Low-cost operator, Orange)
Netherlands: Early NFC Trial Tests Stadium Ticketing Kerkrade Roda JC football club (season tickets, e-purse) KPN
Netherlands: Home-Healthcare Providers Deploy NFC Netherlands
Meavita (home healthcare work monitoring and communication)
Other home health care providers
Netherlands: JCB Trial Tests International Contactless App Amsterdam JCB (J/Speedy) KPN
Netherlands: Payter Shutting Down Service Following Large Trial Rotterdam Payter (prepaid account for retail payments, loyalty and parking) Various
Netherlands: Rabobank First Dutch Bank to Launch NFC Commercially; Shuns SIMs for Embedded Chips Netherlands Rabobank (contactless debit application) N/A
Netherlands: Trial Returns Favorable Response For M-Payment and Bottle Refunds Molenaarsgraaf
Rabobank (debit payment)
Schuitema (Bottle return refunds)
Rabo Mobiel
New Zealand: Airline Uses Stickers To Speed Boarding Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington Air New Zealand (ePass boarding pass) None
New Zealand: New Zealand JV Launches SIM-Based Wallet After Delay, Though Must Deal with Bank Interest in HCE New Zealand
ASB (payWave, PayPass)
BNZ (payWave PayPass)
Snapper (transit/retail, June 2015)
New Zealand: Second Major Banks Announces Plans to Launch Mobile Payments with HCE New Zealand ANZ (payWave, PayPass) N/A
New Zealand: Transit Fare-Collection Operator and Telco Launch NFC Service Wellington Snapper 2degrees
New Zealand: Vodafone and Bank Launch Employee Trial with Galaxy S II Auckland, Wellington Bank of New Zealand (Visa payWave) Vodafone New Zealand
New Zealand: Westpac Launches HCE Trial, Plans Commercial Launch in Early 2015 New Zealand Westpac New Zealand (MasterCard PayPass) N/A
Norway: Arctic Trial Tests Mifare DESFire on Buses Tromsø Cominor (Mifare DESFire transit ticketing) Telenor
Norway: Country’s Largest Bank and Telco Launch New Payment Trial Oslo DnB NOR (MasterCard PayPass) Telenor
Norway: Largest Telco and Bank Plan NFC Payment Launch Norway DNB (Visa payWave) Telenor


First Transit Agency to Sell Tickets Through Uber App Sees Relatively Few Takers Two Years on

Apr 21 2021

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – The Regional Transportation District of Denver was the first transit agency to work with Uber to sell its bus and light rail tickets through the Uber app in the spring of 2019. RTD later that year expanded the service to trip-planning app Transit and then last fall to the app for another ride-hailing service, Lyft.

Sydney to Test Multimodal Payments Involving Private Mobility Providers Using Digital Closed-Loop Card

NFC Times Exclusive Insight – A trial to be held later this year in Australia’s largest city, Sydney, if it proves successful, could offer one example for how agencies can encourage customers to take multimodal transport combining public and private operators. The economics behind the New South Wales government’s trial offer are unclear, however.

Rome Transit Operator: Covid Accelerates Demand for Contactless Payments but Customer Habits Hard to Change

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – The CIO of Italy’s largest public transit operator, ATAC SpA, said the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated demand for open-loop contactless and mobile payments, but added that old habits are hard to break for customers and use of cash and paper tickets are still popular.

Dubai Transit Authority Plans to Launch Its Closed-Loop Card in More NFC Wallets

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, or RTA, which in December first launched mobile fare payments with a digital version of its closed-loop card in Huawei smartphones, says it plans to expand the service to other OEMs, including Apple and Samsung.

Case Study: Transit Agency in Portugal Combined NFC with BLE for Mobile Ticketing; Faced Challenges

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – The agency that runs ticketing for 19 public bus, tram and train operators serving Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, says it has had success–and faced several challenges–with the rollout of its Anda mobile-ticketing app.

OMNY Hits New Usage Milestone as Open-Loop Payments Rollout Continues

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or MTA, says it continues to see steady growth of its open-loop fare payments service, OMNY, announcing 50 million taps by customers using NFC wallets and bank cards to ride the massive New York City Subway and the city’s buses.

In-Depth: Contactless Open-Loop Pilot in Spain First Project from Vendor Partnership

Mar 11 2021

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – Bilbobus, which operates bus service for the city of Bilbao, in northern Spain’s Basque region, says it launched its recent trial of con

Moscow Metro Plans Rollout of ‘Face Pay’ Technology for Fare Collection

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – The Moscow Metro plans to roll out facial-recognition technology at every station by the end of 2021 to enable customers to pay fares, officials say. The project, while delayed, would be the largest of its kind globally.

Stockholm Transit Agency Launches Open-Loop Fare Payments for Multimodal Rides

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – Stockholm Public Transport, or SL, the city-owned company that oversees major public transport in the city, is the latest agency in Europe to launch open-loop fare collection, offering multimodal rides with a tap of a contactless EMV bank card or NFC device.

Case Study: Amsterdam Transit Operator Seeks to Go Nearly 100% Digital for Ticketing to Cut Costs and Enhance Service

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – GVB, Amsterdam’s largest public transit operator, says it seeks to replace an aging closed-loop fare card system and go to open-loop and other digital tokens with the planned rollout of its new account-based ticketing system.

Google Announces Plans to Enable Public Transit Ticketing in Maps App along with Rollout of Parking Fare Payments

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – Google has announced plans to launch public transit ticketing for more than 80 cities globally in coming weeks from its trip-planning Maps app and also to enable users to buy virtual closed-loop fare cards–starting with the Clipper card in the San Francisco Bay Area–directly from the app. That’s in addition to enabling payments for parking in more than 400 U.S. cities.

UPDATED: U.S. Federal Government Awards Grants to Help Transit Agencies Roll Out Contactless Payments and Mobile Ticketing

Feb 18 2021

NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – U.S. public transit agencies have been keen to remove cash and paper tickets from their buses and trains and to keep more distance between customers and agency staffers because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now they are getting a new boost from the U.S. federal government in the form of grant funds to enable them to enhance contactless and mobile payments systems, among other measures.