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RIM Supports BlackBerry Contactless Sticker Trial

Research In Motion, maker of BlackBerry smartphones, is participating in a mobile-payment trial with contactless MasterCard PayPass stickers and a tie-in to its e-mail service.

The trial is not so important for the combined 200 stickers the Bank of Montreal and MasterCard Canada will hand out to some of their employees and those of RIM to stick onto the back of their BlackBerry phones. But it does indicate a growing interest on the part of the Canada-based smartphone maker in mobile commerce, including contactless payment and other applications. NFC Times has learned RIM has been evaluating NFC chips for possible inclusion in one or more of its BlackBerry models.

The trial, planned to last four months, involves passive contactless stickers, which cannot communicate directly with the phones they are attached to. They are similar to contactless cards, although they have a shorter range and incorporate shielding to help prevent metal in handsets or other devices they are attached to from distorting radio waves carrying transaction data between the stickers and readers.

But unlike other passive stickers that banks and other issuers are considering trialing or rolling out while they wait for phones supporting NFC to hit the market, users of the PayPass stickers in the BlackBerry trial will receive indirect communication from the stickers, via the bank-processing network.

MasterCard will use its inControl platform, which will send e-mails to the preregistered BlackBerry users after they tap the stickers for purchases at such PayPass merchants as Tim Hortons fast-food restaurants or Petrol Canada stations. The e-mails will confirm the amount of the purchase, name of the retailer and transaction date. MasterCard developed the system with Ireland-based Orbiscom, which MasterCard later acquired for about $100 million.  

All told, 8,500 merchant locations accept PayPass in Canada, but trial participants can technically tap the stickers to pay anywhere PayPass is accepted worldwide. France-based Inside Contactless is supplying the stickers.

The e-mail confirmations are designed to work with users of 8800 series BlackBerrys or higher. But inControl and other systems like it that offer mobile subscribers payment alerts, can use other e-mail services or SMS to communicate with customers.

Combined with the inControl system, the passive PayPass stickers provide more of an integrated payment experience than passive stickers alone, “while we wait full NFC,” Scott Lapstra, vice president, market development, MasterCard Canada, told NFC Times.

But unlike with NFC, issuers of passive stickers cannot download a payment application over the air to their customers’ phones or enable other direct communication between the application and handset. Also, banks or other issuers cannot allow users to download coupons or other promotional content by tapping smart posters.

While RIM is not saying whether it will introduce NFC in future BlackBerrys, Lapstra did say the trial gives the phone maker an idea of “how mobile payment might work on smartphones and a chance to partner with the Bank of Montreal and MasterCard to learn about that experience.”

NFC market watchers hope adoption of NFC by RIM and other high-profile phone makers, especially Apple, could end delays and spur rollouts. Apple is also evaluating NFC chips, NFC Times has learned and is rumored to be planning to incorporate the technology in its next generation of iPhones.

But unlike RIM, Apple is said to disapprove of consumers putting stickers on its phones.


Inside Secure Acquires Security Vendor Metaforic with Eye Toward Host-Card Emulation Market

France-based Inside Secure has acquired encryption and software security company Metaforic in a cash deal worth at least $11.6 million, which Inside Secure says will help equip it to offer security services for host-card emulation-based mobile payments.

China Telecom Chooses NFC SIM Vendors for Large Planned Procurement

China’s No. 3 mobile operator, China Telecom, has selected a list of six SIM vendors for its large planned rollout of NFC services.

Intel Buys Inside Secure’s NFC Modem Technology; Expands License of Inside's NFC Patents

Apr 2 2014 (All day)

Inside Secure is selling its next generation NFC controller technology to chip maker Intel, as well as an expanded license, for $19.2 million, though will keep most of its NFC patents and embedded chip technology.

Big French Bank Announces Nationwide Rollout of NFC-Payments Service on SIMs

Apr 4 2014 (All day)

BNP Paribas, one of France’s largest banks, today announced its long-anticipated nationwide rollout of NFC payments, making Visa-branded debit cards available to customers on SIM cards issued by France’s two largest mobile operators and a couple of smaller brands.

OTI Lowers Losses as It Continues Turnaround Efforts but Offers No Time Frame for Turning a Profit

In the first full year since a takeover ousted former CEO and co-founder Oded Bashan, Israel-based NFC and contactless company On Track Innovations showed some progress in its efforts to turn around the chronically unprofitable company, in part by focusing on sales of contactless point-of-sale terminals.

Australia’s Westpac to Launch First Project with Visa on Samsung Embedded Chips; HCE Gears Up in Market

A second of Australia’s big four banks, Westpac Banking Corp., said it will finally be ready to launch its long-planned NFC contactless payments service with Visa using embedded chips in Samsung phones by the end of April, the bank told NFC Times.

NFC SIM Volumes Projected to Show Moderate Growth in 2014, Though Impact of HCE Remains Unknown

NFC Times Exclusive: Mobile network operators will take delivery of at least two-thirds more NFC SIMs this year than in 2013, predicts operator trade association, the GSMA, though the impact of host-card emulation remains to be seen.

Identive Narrows Losses; Reports More Restructuring

U.S.-based Identive reported significant restructuring and job cuts in the fourth quarter, along with increased sales for NFC and other RFID tags–but still no profit.

NFC Forum Issues Statement Supporting HCE as Means to 'Accelerate' Market Growth

The NFC Forum has issued a statement of support for host-card emulation at its all-member meeting this week in San Francisco, calling HCE a “promising addition to the portfolio of NFC solutions that could potentially accelerate market growth.”

Tenders Due for TSM Platform Planned by Taiwanese Banking Joint Venture

NFC Times Exclusive: Tenders are due tomorrow from vendors in response to a request for proposal for Taiwan’s second planned centralized trusted service management platform–this one from Taiwanese banking groups, which formed a mobile-payments joint venture late last month.

Former Safran Morpho e-Documents No. 2 Named CEO of Contactless Vendor ASK

Former Safran Morpho e-Documents’ No. 2 man Julien Zuccarelli has been named CEO of France-based ASK, as the contactless vendor continues its turnaround and expansion efforts.

Google to End Support for NFC Payments in All Pre-KitKat Devices as Part of HCE Push

Mar 20 2014 (All day)

Google is ending support for NFC payments in all devices except those supporting Android 4.4 or above, as part of its push of host-card emulation into the market.