More French Banks Prepare for Commercial Launches of NFC Payments


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In progress
Est. Launch: 
Q2-Q4 2014
Main Application: 
Mobile Operator: 
Mobile Operator: 
Mobile Operator: 
Bouygues Telecom (later)
Mobile Operator: 
BNP Mobile (MVNO, BNP Paribas)
Mobile Operator: 
La Poste Mobile (MVNO, La Poste)
Mobile Operator: 
NRJ Mobile (MVNO, Crédit Mutuel-CIC)
Mobile Operator: 
Crédit Mutuel Mobile, CIC Mobile (MVNO)
Mobile Operator: 
Sosh (Low-cost operator, Orange)
Service Provider (application): 
BNP Paribas (Visa payWave)
Service Provider (application): 
Crédit Mutuel-CIC (PayPass)
Service Provider (application): 
Banque Postale (payWave, likely)
Service Provider (application): 
Société Générale (payWave, likely)
Service Provider (application): 
Orange (Orange Cash-payWave)
Service Provider (application): 
Carrefour Banque (PayPass, likely)
Service Provider (application): 
CTS, Strasbourg, (U'GO transit)
Service Provider (application): 
Viacités, Caen (Twisto transit)
About 250,000 contactless terminals in France, others elsewhere
NFC Handsets: 
Samsung Galaxy S4
NFC Handsets: 
Samsung Note 3
NFC Handsets: 
Sony Xperia Z1
NFC Handsets: 
NFC Handsets: 
Up to 20 other Android devices and up to eight Windows Phone devices, along with some BlackBerry models
Gemalto (SEi-TSM for Orange, SP-TSM for BNP Paribas, Keolis–transit ticketing in Caen), Oberthur Technologies (SEi TSM for SFR, Bouygues, SP-TSM for La Banque Postale, Société Générale) Orange Business Services (SEi-TSM for NRJ Mobile, SP-TSM for Crédit-Mutuel-CIC, likely CTS Strasbourg transit ticketing)
Other Vendors: 
Visa (Visa payWave application), MasterCard Worldwide (PayPass application), Wirecard (issuer for Orange Cash), NXP Semiconductors (NFC controller chips for most Android and all Windows Phone devices), Broadcom (NFC controller chip for Samsung Galaxy S4), Inside Secure (NFC controller chip for all BlackBerry devices), Connecthings (NFC tags and tag platform)
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