Projectsort icon City Service Provider Mobile Operator
New Zealand: Transit Fare-Collection Operator and Telco Launch NFC Service Wellington Snapper 2degrees
New Zealand: Second Major Banks Announces Plans to Launch Mobile Payments with HCE New Zealand ANZ (payWave, PayPass) N/A
New Zealand: New Zealand JV Launches SIM-Based Wallet After Delay, Though Must Deal with Bank Interest in HCE New Zealand
ASB (payWave, PayPass)
BNZ (payWave PayPass)
Snapper (transit/retail, June 2015)
New Zealand: Airline Uses Stickers To Speed Boarding Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington Air New Zealand (ePass boarding pass) None
Netherlands: Trial Returns Favorable Response For M-Payment and Bottle Refunds Molenaarsgraaf
Rabobank (debit payment)
Schuitema (Bottle return refunds)
Rabo Mobiel
Netherlands: Rabobank First Dutch Bank to Launch NFC Commercially; Shuns SIMs for Embedded Chips Netherlands Rabobank (contactless debit application) N/A
Netherlands: Payter Shutting Down Service Following Large Trial Rotterdam Payter (prepaid account for retail payments, loyalty and parking) Various
Netherlands: JCB Trial Tests International Contactless App Amsterdam JCB (J/Speedy) KPN
Netherlands: Home-Healthcare Providers Deploy NFC Netherlands
Meavita (home healthcare work monitoring and communication)
Other home health care providers
Netherlands: Early NFC Trial Tests Stadium Ticketing Kerkrade Roda JC football club (season tickets, e-purse) KPN
More French Banks Prepare for Commercial Launches of NFC Payments France
BNP Paribas (Visa payWave)
Crédit Mutuel-CIC (PayPass)
Banque Postale (payWave, likely)
Société Générale (payWave, likely)
Orange (Orange Cash-payWave)
Carrefour Banque (PayPass, likely)
CTS, Strasbourg, (U'GO transit)
Viacités, Caen (Twisto transit)
Bouygues Telecom (later)
BNP Mobile (MVNO, BNP Paribas)
La Poste Mobile (MVNO, La Poste)
NRJ Mobile (MVNO, Crédit Mutuel-CIC)
Crédit Mutuel Mobile, CIC Mobile (MVNO)
Sosh (Low-cost operator, Orange)
Malaysia: Visa and Maxis Hold First payWave Trial Kuala Lumpur Maybank (Visa payWave) Maxis Communications
Malaysia: Telco Plans to Launch iPhone-Based Fare Payment Malaysia Touch ‘n Go (Touch 'n Go) Maxis
Malaysia: Payment and Transit Featured In Small “Rollout” of NFC Kuala Lumpur
Maybank (Visa payWave)
Touch 'n Go (Touch ‘n Go--transit, tolls and parking)
Maxis Communications
Kuwait: Trial Lets Users Download Prepaid Payment Application From Smart Poster Kuwait City National Bank of Kuwait (Visa payWave) Zain
Japan: Telco to Offer Passive Stickers in Land of the Wallet Phone Japan Aeon (Waon), bitWallet (Edy), Seven Card Services (nanaco) Softbank Mobile
Japan: Softbank With MasterCard Hold Rare NFC Project In Japan Tokyo Orico (MasterCard PayPass) Softbank Mobile
Japan: Softbank Mobile Plans Trial with Flex-SIM Device in Android Phone Chiba
Orico (MasterCard PayPass)
Credit Saison (MasterCard PayPass)
Softbank Mobile
Japan: No. 2 Telco in Japan to Sell First Standard NFC Phones Tokyo, Chiba
Credit Saison (MasterCard PayPass)
Orico (MasterCard PayPass-expected)
Seven Card Service (e-money)
Japan Airlines (boarding passes)
Bic Camera (loyalty)
Ueno Zoo (information on demand, tag-reading)
Japan: No. 2 Telco Holds NFC Trial with PayPass Application Chiba Orico (MasterCard PayPass) KDDI
Japan: KDDI to Launch Multiapp NFC Trial in 'FeliCa Country' Tokyo
Orico (MasterCard PayPass)
Jibun Bank (m-banking, other)
Credit Saison (PayPass acceptance)
Aiwai Card Services (e-money)
Toho Cinemas (event ticketing)
All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines (check-in or boarding, likely)
KDDI or NTT Data (likely) (Japanese contactless driver’s license)
Toyota Motor (automobile services)
Japan: JCB Holds Internal NFC Test Tokyo JCB (J/Speedy)
Japan: Google Launching Places Test in Tokyo with Japanese Wallet Phones Tokyo Google (Google Places) N/A
Japan: DoCoMo Drives Nationwide Rollout of Contactless Wallet Phones Japan
NTT DoCoMo (iD)
JR East (Mobile Suica)
bitWallet (Edy)
Seven-Eleven (nanaco)
McDonald’s (loyalty)
All Nippon Airways (airline check-in, loyalty)
Japan Airlines (airline check-in)
Coca Cola Japan (Cmode—vending purchases)
Yodobashi (camera store—loyalty)
Softbank Mobile
Italy: Transit Ticketing In Trento Trento Trentino Trasporti (transit fare collection) Telecom Italia


Australian Transit Agency to Launch Mobility-as-a-Service Trial as It Pursues Long-Term MaaS Strategy

Plans by Transport for New South Wales, Australia’s largest transit agency, to launch a trial enabling users to plan, book and pay for multimodal rides is the next step toward the agency’s long-ter

Updated: U.S. Transit Agency Seeks to Reduce–Though Not Eliminate–Cash Acceptance with New Fare-Collection System

Updated: The Spokane Transit Authority in Washington state confirmed that its new fare-collection system will include contactless open-loop payments–with a beta test planned for next October, a spokesman told NFC Times' sister publication Mobility Payments.

UK Government Seeks to Bring London-Style Contactless Fare Payments System to Other Regions

The UK government’s plan to equip 700 rail stations over the next three years to accept contactless open-loop payments is a major initiative, as it seeks to replicate the success of London’s contactless pay-as-you go fare payments system elsewhere in the country–a goal that has proved elusive in the past.

More Cities in Finland Expected to Move to Open-Loop Fare Payments

A fourth city in Finland is beginning to roll out contactless open-loop payments, with “more in the pipeline,” according to one supplier on the project, making the Nordic country one of the latest hotspots for the technology.

Moscow Metro Expands Test of ‘Virtual Troika’ in Pays Wallets, as It Continues to Develop Digital-Payments Services

Moscow Metro is recruiting more users to test its “Virtual Troika” card in two NFC wallets, those supporting Google Pay and Samsung Pay, as one of the world’s largest subway operators continues to seek more ways for its customers to pay for rides.

Ohio Transit Agency Expects Significant Revenue Loss as it Builds Equity with Fare Capping

The Central Ohio Transit Authority, or COTA, officially launched its new digital-payments service Monday, including a fare-capping feature that the agency estimates will cost it $1.8 million per year in lost fare revenue, the agency confirmed to Mobility Payments.

Special Report: Interest Grows in ‘White-Label EMV’ for Closed-Loop Transit Cards

As more transit agencies introduce open-loop fare payments, interest is starting to grow in use of white-label EMV cards that agencies can issue in place of proprietary closed-loop cards for riders who don’t have bank cards or don’t want to use them to pay fares.

Swedish Transit Agency Launches Express Mode Feature for Apple Pay, though Most Ticketing Still with Barcode-Based App

Skånetrafiken, the transit agency serving one of Sweden’s largest counties, announced today it has expanded its contactless open-loop payments service to include the Express Mode feature for Apple Pay.

Major Bus Operators in Hong Kong Now Accepting Open-Loop Payments–Adding More Competition for Octopus

Two more bus operators in Hong Kong on Saturday launched acceptance of open-loop contactless fare payments, with both also accepting QR code-based mobile ticketing–as the near ubiquitous closed-loop Octopus card continues to see more competition.

Moscow Metro Launches Full Rollout of ‘Face Pay;’ Largest Biometric Payments Service of Its Kind

Touting it as the largest rollout of biometric payments in the world, Moscow Metro launched its high-profile “Face Pay” service Friday, as expected, and predicted that 10% to 15% would regularly us

Indonesian Capital Seeks to Expand to Multimodal Fare Collection and MaaS

Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, whose metropolitan area is home to more than 30 million people, is notorious for its stifling traffic congestion. In response, the government metro and light-rail networks and now it is funding an expansion of the fare-collection system to enable more multimodal payments and to build a mobility-as-a-service platform.

Exclusive: NFC Wallets Grow as Share of Contactless Fare Payments and Not Only Because of Covid

Transit agencies that have rolled out open-loop contactless payments are seeing growing use of NFC wallets to pay fares, as Covid-wary passengers see convenience in tapping their phones or wearables to pay.